Saturday, August 8, 2009

BF Agelor street names

I would like to share with readers an interesting comment by Boy Martin, one of our "followers" regarding the names of BF Agelor six streets. Here comes:

"By Boy Martin

"There are six street names in AGELOR: Francisco Ortigas; Teodoro Toribio, Wenceslao Vinzons, Conrado Benitez, Alfonso Yuchengco and Adelita Chioco. We don’t know why our streets are named after them (but judging from the names of the other streets in BF Homes Parañaque, we can surmise they are prominent people from government, business, culture and education, sports, and civic groups among others). But it’s interesting to find out who they are and why do you think they got their names listed in our street signs.

"Let’s start with FRANCISCO ORTIGAS. I’m not sure if the “F” really stands for Francisco. I assume the name refers to the same person after which the district in San Juan/Mandlauyong called “Ortigas” is named. But there’s a problem there—so many other prominent Francisco Ortigases, from the one without any “Sr.” or “Jr.” to the ones with “I” and “II.” I tend to believe that he’s the one honored by De La Salled University by naming one a “Don Francisco Ortigas Seminar” near the Lorenzo Tañada corner. So, can any one Agelorian in DLSU go and investigate who this Don Francisco Ortigas is? From an Internet source, we also learned of a “Don Francisco Ortigas y Barcinas” who was born in 1875 in Porac, Pampanga and later on became a prominent politician and businessman during the pre-WW II era. But my best bet is that he’s the “Ortigas” in the “Ortigas District” of San Juan/Mandaluyong.

"Next is TEODORO TORIBIO. Don’t make the mistake of making it “TORIBIO TEODORO” which is a street in another BF enclave—Sinagtala or Pitong Daan (I’m not sure now). It’s easy to find out who Toribio Teodoro is—he’s the famous industrialist who made Ang Tibay shoes famous before we became enamoured with Hush Puppies. But Teodoro Toribio? I thought for a while he was the famous Filipino track and field Olympian but found out later on that what I had in mind was “Simeon” and not “Teodoro” Toribio. A word of caution again: just use “Toribio” in your address, not “Teodoro Toribio”, because for almost 30 years we’ve been here, we get letters from the postman with “Toribio Teodoro” address and I suppose those in in Teodoro Street get “Teodoro Toribio” letters as well. So, to keep it simple, just use ‘TORIBIO”. But let’s also keep the sleuthing: who is TEODORO TORIBIO?

"The third, WENCESLAO Q. VINZONS (1910-1942), is fairly easy. For those who studied in U.P. Diliman, they will always remember the Student Union building, the center of student activities there, as Vinzons Hall. (Yes, with an “s” and we should correct our street sign “Wenceslao Vinzon” in the whole stretch of Vinzons!) Wenceslao Q. Vinzons was a student leader during the Commonwealth era who later on became a guerilla leader killed by the Japanese. He’s the Filipino martyr who died during WW II and became the pride of the Bicolanos, coming from Camarines Sur where a town is named after him.

"CONRADO BENITEZ (1881-1971) is an educator who became the first Filipino dean of U.P.’s college of liberal arts and with his wife, Francisca Tirona, established the Philippine Women’s University (PWU). Benitez is from Laguna but he later on became a Quezon City councilor (where another street is named after him). Benitez was also a historian and a delegate to the first Constitutional Convention.

"If Yuchengco refers to ALFONSO T. YUCHENGCO, then he is the Alfonso T. Yuchengco, the prominent industrialist, certified public accountant, educator, and diplomat who owns, among others, the Yuchengco Group of Companies, and considered as one of the most influential taipans of the Philippines.

"The last one is ADELITA CHIOCO. Any guess? Chioco Street, according to a BF Homes profiler, is one of the longest in the subdivision, “the whole stretch of Phase 2, parallel to Aguirre Avenue” (but only the portion from Ortigas to Elizalde is part of AGELOR). The street is named after the wife of Don Tomas Aguirre, who happens to be the owners and developer of this BF Homes.

"So, there you have a brief introduction to the streetnames around us. But wait. What about Elizalde and Aguirre? The main BF thoroughfare is Aguirre Avenue which is of course named after the founder and businessman who developed what is claimed as the “biggest subdivision in Asia”, DON TOMAS AGUIRRE. As to Elizalde Street, I still have to find out who he is among the many prominent Elizaldes."

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