Monday, April 5, 2010

Automated election orientation at BF Homes Paranaque

Mr. Antonio Tinsay of UBFHASI sent us this April 5, 2010 email:

Dear BF Homeowner,

This coming May 10, the COMELEC will implement a first-ever automated election system not only nationwide but also in countries where there are large OFW population like in HK, Singapore, the Middle East, etc. Among others, there is a new way of voting procedures to be followed and a different type of ballots to be used which could be intimidating if you have no prior knowledge of it.

Aware that a properly educated voting population in the new way of voting is key to the success of the first-ever nationwide automated elections, the Rotary Club of Parañaque BF Homes, the United BF Homeowners’ Associations, Inc . or UBFHAI, the Knights of Columbus (Council 1747) in cooperation with and the full support of the local PPCRV organization and the Education and Information Department of the COMELEC - will be launching in the morning (9AM ) of Saturday, April 10 a Voters Education Sa BF Project – to help in the awesome task of educating the public in the new way of voting. The venue is the UBFHAI Park Pavilion, Pilar Banzon St., Phase 1, BF Homes, Parañaque City.

We (the organizers) will be conducting 20 tutorial sessions for the 5 remaining Saturdays and Sundays prior to election day. There will be one session in the morning and another in the afternoon. A PCOS demo unit will be available in some sessions, including the April 10 launching. At the end of each session and if the attendee is not in a hurry to leave, we will inform him of his precinct number if he is a registered voter of a paranaque, las pinas or muntinlupa barangays who has jurisdiction over bf homes and nearby villages. Or he can fill up a precinct finder info sheet so we can text or email his precinct number. Altho walk-ins will be accommodated to any session if seats are still available, we encourage you to reserve your seat by texting 0923.677.0965 or you may email your session schedule preference to

In behalf of the organizers, may I therefore extend to you, the registered voters in your household, your friends and neighbors an invitation to attend any of the 20 weekend morning or afternoon sessions that is convenient for you / them. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Regards to all.
Tony Tinsay

Project Coordinator, Voters Education Sa BF
Incoming President (RY.2010-2011), The Rotary Club of Paranaque BF Homes
Member, Board of Directors, UBFHAI
Former Member, COMELEC Advisory Council

nota bene: please forward to the bf residents in your email contacts. tnx.

Learn how to fill-up the new, computer-readable ballot correctly, and
Know your Precinct No. in advanceFor Free

A Joint Voters Education sa BF Public Service Project of The Rotary Club of Parañaque BF Homes, UBFHAI, Knights of Columbus (Co1747), PPCRV and COMELEC

Unlike in previous elections where voters manually write the names of their chosen candidates on the ballot, voting this coming May 10, 2010 would be like taking a multiple-choice exam because the names of the candidates are already pre-printed. But there are rules that a voter must follow for his vote to be considered as a valid vote. Simply putting “X” or check (/) marks or encircling or underlining the name of the candidate is not enough for your vote to be counted.

Voting, for example, for two or more party-list out of the 187 candidates will invalidate the vote for this position. Voting also for 13 or more senatorial candidates will invalidate all the votes for senators. A voter should also indicate his choice at the correct slot (oval) reserved for his chosen candidate else he may be inadvertently voting for a candidate that is not his choice. A voter cannot also change his mind as making erasures or simply crossing out the names then choosing another name will make his vote for that position not acceptable.. Thus care should be taken in accomplishing the ballot to avoid mistakes as there is no provision for spare ballots. A voter has only one chance to vote correctly.

To minimize the incidences of spoiled votes to a negligible minimum and to campaign for high voters turnout on election day and to vote responsibly, the organizers have launched a VOTERS EDUCATION SA BF PROJECT for the residents of BF Homes and nearby subdivisions. We believe that a sure way of avoiding mistakes in the new way of voting is for the voters to learn the correct way of voting which can be ensured only through voter education and then practice and practice until they get it right.

The organizers and sponsors of this project, because of their deep concern that the people’s will may not be truly reflected in the election results if a substantial number of votes are not counted due to errors in filling up the ballots, will be providing you when you attend the tutorial sessions with a practice ballot (national and local) accompanied by a voter’s guide so that you can: a) familiarize yourself with the new ballot form, and b) practice voting, and c) use it as a “codigo” in actually casting your vote on election day.

We (the organizers) is therefore extending to you and the registered voters in your household, your relatives, friends and neighbors an invitation to attend any of the 20 weekend voters education tutorials (from April 10 to May 09) that is convenient for you and for them. The venue is the UBFHAI Park Pavilion, P.Banzon St., Phase 1. BF Homes. There will be one session in the morning (9am) and a repeat session in the afternoon (2PM). Registration starts at 7:30AM, and 12:30PM for the afternoon session. Please call or text 0923.677.0965 for reservation or more info. Or you may also send email to Walk-ins will also be accommodated if seats are still available. Text or email your first, middle, last name, date of birth, barangay and we'll text/email back your Precinct No.

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